A huge fine for Facebook for betraying WhatsApp Information

Recently, the European Commission fined the famous social media site Facebook of about hundred and ten million Euros for providing the delude data on its takeover of the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp and imposing its different penalty for such an offense. The EU Competition Commissioner exclaims that the decisions send a clear signal to all the companies that it adheres to all the aspects of European merger protocols, which include the correct information. Facebook has given a statement that it cooperated with the Commission. It is said that there is an established reliable automated matching between Facebook and the social messaging service WhatsApp.

On the other side of the flip, the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp has announced the updates to its privacy policy and also the terms of rules and regulations in the year 2016, which also includes the option of integrating WhatsApp contact numbers with the Facebook user’s identities. The contradiction to the Facebook’s statements in the year 2014 merger review process the technical feasibility of automatically matching Facebook and the WhatsApp consumer’s identities already existed in the year 2014 and that Facebook employees were aware of such a possibility.

The EU Commission exclaimed that the fine would not have an impact in the year 2014 clearance of the nineteen billion dollars. Similarly, there is no any specific reason in order to believe the takeover would reduce the competition in the growing social media sector. The Italian antitrust authorities imposed a three million euro fine on the gigantic messaging service for the folks in order to share the personal data with Facebook.

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